Open since 1977 and famous for its rich variety of healthy delicious dishes, Basha is proudly the first Lebanese fast food restaurant in North America.

At Basha, “What you see is What you eat”. Customers get to see all that daily fresh made food that Basha has to offer and then get to choose what they want. This process allows a faster service that usually characterizes a fast food restaurant, yet still serves the variety, diversity and delicious choices that the Lebanese cuisine has to offer.

Today, all Basha restaurant gained a credibility beyond any doubt, a great reputation on a Canadian level and a well deserved image of the heathiest and best middle-eastern restaurant.


Our Specialist

  • Basha Sante

    Mix of Salads served with chicken or beef

    Vegetarian Couscous

    Semolina with vegetables

    Basha Vegetarian

    Mix of Salads

  • Shish Taouk

    Marinated Chicken


    Marinated beef meat

    Basha combo

    Shish Taouk & Shawarma